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Public Programme for the exhibition Marwa Arsanios | Reverse Shot

The Mosaic Rooms announces the public programme for the exhibition Reverse Shot by Marwa Arsanios.

Launching with the artist talk by Marwa Arsanios, the programme features artists, activists, and thinkers whose work and research explores how to organise with and from land as a focal point. It aims to foster a framework of resistance to contemporary forms of colonial, capitalist and patriarchal structures. The programme is inspired by anarchist and feminist schools of political thought and critical texts on ecologies presented in the reading room, a space for people to meet, read, share, discuss and organise. Throughout the programme the space will host reading groups, workshops and performances around collective action, agency and accountability and resistance.

A pillar of the programme is dedicated to collective organising. It includes screenings of films produced around a common, featuring a double bill by Rojava Film Commune and the London premiere of Amussu, an experimental documentary about an 8-year-long resistance by an Amazigh village of Imider, directed by Nadir Bouhmouch. Jack Ky Tan will lead a workshop using Marwa Arsanios practice and the work Who is Afraid of Ideology: Reverse Shot as a case study with the emphasis on usership rather than ownership. Dilar Dirik will create a space for mutual learning to analyse the Kurdish women’s liberation movement. A discussion with Nabil Al-Kinani will draw from Privatise the Mandem, a manifesto for the communities living in social housing estates facing gentrification.

The programme also proposes questions around different forms of knowledge in relation to histories of labour, land and migration. Bint Mbareh will perform an exploration of land sovereignty through sound. Helene Kazan will present the first UK screening of her work Frame of Accountability: (Un)Touching Ground (2022) and foreground the intersecting lines of law, war and critical ecology in a conversation with Marwa Arsanios. Blak Outside organises a workshop and walk to learn about trees, weeds and migrant histories. A screening of Maher Abi Samra’s film Makhdoumin / A Maid for Each investigates the commodification of domestic workers in Lebanon, deprived of their basic rights. Qanat Collective will share from their project on the politics and poetics of water and also organise a mudlarking walk along the Thames.

Ideas for worlding and creating together will spark with The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective presenting Anatomy of a World, a new exhibition with young people from New Citizen’s Gateway under the mentorship of artist Nia Fekri. Sahra Hersi, our 2022 Family Artist will lead a workshop for children and families to imagine and build a very own house for the future. Artist Aya Haidar hosts a new creative session and social space for parents and carers with 0-1-year-old children. Throughout the year, children and all ages are welcome to spend time and craft, draw and collage in our play area and form clay sculptures in our Squish Station, designed by Dena Bagi.


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